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Monsieur Zartosht

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A very simple blog that belongs to a very simple full-stack web developer about his daily life and struggles through coding. here you will find many things such as music, movies, and code (lots of codes!)

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When getting a document out from mongo with mongoose client, the output is not of plain object type and it means you cannot easily use it inside template engines. I came across this problem and thought that couldn't use the output inside handlebars "each" helper.

Sometimes when using handlebars you may need to have extra functionality over your data in the template. Such as having an intelligent select element, checkbox, global variable and etc. Let's create some of this functions here.

In react there are many ways to create a component and use it throughout the program/website. At first, using class components looks easier but when the app groups larger and larger you may end up thinking about other approaches.

I came across a problem that when I'm developing plugins for OctoberCMS after I finished working with them, normally I disable them and got to create a new one. Okay? the problem is they still exist! all the routes, navigation menus, and everything still exists even after disabling them!

Coding with React is fun and all but when your application grows bigger and bigger it is cumbersome to track all state changes in so many places and have all components refresh with every tiny single change in the state! Then what can we do? you can use Redux.

I started my work in web development from the front-end, but soon I have gotten bored and from nasty CSS and HTML. at the time there weren't any frameworks like react! So I set my course through backend development and fall in love with Laravel but that's another story for another post. let's talk about React.

I was reading some news about PHP 7.4 and some of its features caught my eyes. first of all the "Short arrow functions" and in second "Spread Operator"! I always used these features in javascript and there wasn't a single time that I wished for that I had those in PHP as well.